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11 April 2012
09:19 PM

My Interview with Rajni Rajdan Board

Date: 11th April 2012,Afternoon
Board: Rani Razdan
Optional: Hindi, Philosophy
Medium: Hindi
Education: BTech Aerospace Engg IIT Kharagpur, MBA IIM Bangalore
Job: Running my own startup in Solar

I was 5th to get interviewed.
Rajni Razdan: C; Members: m1., m2, m3, m4; One translator

C: This is an old photo, this will not work
Me: Mam this is just 3 days old.
C: Still you should have clicked it with specs; your admission will remain provisional until
you submit new photo.
Me: Mam I’ll submit is after the interview

C: OK tell me about the distillates of petroleum
Me: Diesel, Petrol, ATF, Kerosene, Koltar, jelly, also used in perfumes, deos etc.
C: Also, Ethane, Propane, Butane
Me: Yes mam these gases also
C: No they are not gases (“Hmmmmm...what” in mind)
C: What are the non metallic minerals of India
Me: Answered few, madam listed more (Not a gud answer)

1) What you studied in Aerospace
2) Diff between boeing and airbus technologically. Which one is better?
3) Do you think Airbus A380 is bigger than 347.
4) Some research for the reduction of sound in aircraft.
(I was answering in Hindi, but all members said that this is the disrespect of your institute,
so answer in english otherwise you may loose some marks, I said OK)
2-3 more questions on aerospace..i am not able to remember
After that my whole interview was in Enlgish

1) Road at which UPSC is situated?
2) Tell me some other roads nearby?
3) Name of the building of UPSC?
4) Why it is called Dholpur House? Why Dholpur is famous? (Was not able to answer....he
5) Why this place is called new delhi...even though it has many old buildings like
6) Why Mumbai was not made capital in 1911?

6) Why Mumbai was not made capital in 1911?
(Answered....but he was not satisfied...)

1) IIT, den IIM....why dont you join pvt company?
2) 3-4 min long question..relating to my hobbies...question was not framed properly
3) Why IAS?...for prestige...or for social service (I answered both)

Pasted from <>

1) Difference between administrator and manager?
2) What is the weber's theory of Bureaucracy (Dont Know)
3) DM is more a administrator or Manager?
4) What was India’s industrial policy when Tata stated their business? (Dont Know)

Few more questions.... I am not able to remember!!!
25-30 minutes interview!!!Not able to answer couple of questions.....!!!!M1andM2 grilled.....


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